Dekhiye Mohabbat Hasil Karne Ki Dua



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Is amal ko shuru karne se qabl Nikah Istikhara zarur kar lijiyega. Aur iski tabeer aapke haq me ajaye.

Aur hit tabeer apke haq mein ajaye. To phir chaliye stomach muscle ham kisi ko hasil karne ki dua ke tariqaqar parhte hai.

Mohabbat Hasil Karne Ki Dua-Pyar Mein Kamyabi Pane Ke Liye

Kisi shakhs ko sheet ki dua sirf aur sirf nek niyat se hey ki jaye. Yani hasrat-e-nikah matloob ki mansha ho. Na ki koi haram maqaasid ki niyat ho.

Kisi bhi roz amal ko parhna shuru kar sakte hai. Bas ke rozi halal, luqma halal, aur koi kam haram na kijiyega. Har ek haram harkaton se khas parhez kijiye. Apne pyar ko hasil karne ki khwahish ko zindagi mein haqiqat mein tabdeel karna itna mushkil bhi nahi.

Mohabbat hasil karne ki dua must be recounted for an authentic reason in particular. Your point must be to wed your adoration. Never play out this amal for any unlawful purposes.

In the event that you will present this dua to get achievement in your affection with halal expectation having full confidence in ALLAH Azzawajal. What’s more, on the off chance that you will likewise attempt to control yourself from all the haram exercises. Insha ALLAH, you will accomplish your objective.

How to perform Mohabbat Hasil Karne Ki Dua-Pyar Mein Kamyabi Pane Ke Liye?

You may begin this amal at any reasonable time on quickly.

Make a crisp bathing.

Discuss any Durood-e-Pak seven (7) times. See All Types of Durood Shareef here.

At that point discuss refrain number forty (40) of Surah Yaseen seven (7) times. You can likewise observe this stanza above.

At that point recount the equivalent Durood-e-Pak seven (7) times that you have presented toward the start of this procedure.

At that point lift both your hands and make a genuine supplication for getting your adoration.

In the event that ALLAH The Exalted wills, HE will acknowledge your petition, Ameen.

Rehash this procedure every day without skirting a solitary day. There is no fixed number of days for this wazifa. You can execute as long as you need.

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